College Diaries: February 3, 2020

What’s more personal than a diary? I challenged myself to write down what was going on around me for a day at college. Partially for an opportunity to be an onlooker for my own life, partially to let you do the same. Here goes nothing.

Inspired by the NY Times.

8:30 AM- Waking up is especially hard today. I woke up in cold sweats from an anxiety dream about New York Fashion Week. This doesn’t happen often, but I do know waking up anxious makes getting out of bed harder.

9:00 AM- I turn on the shower then the kettle. The shower water takes a long time to heat up in my apartment, which always bothers me, but take the opportunity to make my first cup of tea for the day.


10 AM- I sit down to write a script for a meta-podcast (podcast about other podcasts) for a digital storytelling class I’m enrolled in. I stray from the assignment a bit but I’m happy with the result. Takes about three hours, then I upload it to our class cloud folder. I’m toying with the idea of posting that meta-podcast at some point.

11:15 AM– Banana/ peanut butter/ cacao/ oat milk/ chia seed breakfast smoothie.


1 PM- I stress-pick out a couple of backup outfits for fashion week.

1:30 PM– I heat up my vegan “wings” I got myself last night for the game. Happy Superbowl Monday.

2:15 PM- Sociology class- not my first choice of what I’d like to spend my time doing, but look- I get it- it’s good to have a ‘well rounded education’. Here are some questions we were asked:

Have you been told when to act like a woman? When and by who? When have you been told that something is not ladylike? If you were on your honeymoon and a drunk man told you to fuck off, how would you expect your husband to react? 

A kid in the class takes this as an opportunity to let his female counterparts know that he wouldn’t let this fly and he’d protect his wife AT ALL COSTS. *Ah, college boys.*

3:15 PM- It’s my shift to post for my side social media hustle. My friend Juliann and I run accounts for downtown Syracuse restaurants Original Grain and XO Taco. It’s a good gig. I post a sandwich and some nachos, respectively.

3:45 PM– An unexpected run-in on campus.

4:00 PM- We have attendance questions for my presentational speaking class. Today the question is When you were a little kid, what did you want to be and why? My honest answer? A grandpa. A true testament to my love for my Opa.


5:10 PM- Made a run across campus for a pre-3 hour class snack. All I could get sans wallet (I rely on my trusty Apple wallet) was Kombucha and an oatmeal cookie from Strong Hearts, a vegan restaurant/ cafe on campus. It’ll do. Ventured back up to Newhouse and timed the crosswalk lights perfectly.

5:30 PM- In my aforementioned digital storytelling class, we have a guest from “The Cage”- the (insane) equipment rental facility within Newhouse- come in to train us on some multi-thousand dollar camera and microphone equipment we’ll be expected to use for projects throughout the semester. I make a mental note to finally teach myself how to use the new camera I bought recently.

7:45 PM- Got a 10/10 quiz returned. As Dad would say, boo-yeah baby.


8:30 PM- Finally back at apartment. I make dinner and go to my room. I hope its an early night.

11:45 PM– Not an early night. I post a TikTok with my stuffed bunny.

12:30 AM- Lights out. Alarm is set for 8:30 AM.


14 thoughts on “College Diaries: February 3, 2020

    1. Hi Margot, I’m from the Uk, so not entirely sure how to phrase this question right to be applied to the US education system. But I was just wondering what you are specifically studying at Syracuse?? Your course looks really interesting and I would love to know more. Sorry if you have answered this already. X


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