Brunching in London (for every mood)

You can have lots of different types of mornings… slow mornings, fashionable mornings, productive mornings… and everyone’s least favorite… hungover mornings. That being said, I’ve got you covered and have created a guide with the best brunch spots in town for every mood. You can’t go wrong but pick wisely- what kind of morning are you designing?

If you want healthy…

26 Grains- They have great oatmeal bowls (I got one with rhubarb) which are really filling and beautiful! Located in Neal’s Yard so there is outdoor seating.

IMG_4308Locals Cafe- We only went here once but it was one of our favorite spots. A little confusing to get to (we walked from Sloane Sq. station) but the food is WORTH IT. Beautiful & delicious, we got the buckwheat pancakes and the egg fold.

Redemption- Fully vegan restaurant with a focus on whole and raw foods. We didn’t get to go here but it was high up on our list.

If you want trendy…

Farm Girl- Ah, the trendiest brunch spot of them all. Very cute spot in Notting Hill with beautiful wisteria over your head as you walk in. If you go on a beautiful day, expect there to be a bit of a wait.

Daisy Green Food- This is a chain of a few restaurants. We didn’t get to go to any of them unfortunately but the designs and art throughout the restaurants drew us in online.

Ask for Janice- We loved this spot not only for their beautiful, light, and art-filled decor, but the brunch menu was interesting and a bit different than other places I’ve been. Great options and a cool area.



Farmacy- A plant-based restaurant in Bayswater, I would categorize this as “healthy” but I’m not sure if people think its healthy just for its vegetarian roots. Either way, this is a great spot- we only went for dinner but I’ve heard great things about their brunch.

If you want bottomless…

Mews of Mayfair- We had the BEST time doing bottomless here.. the staff put up with our absurdity AND its the only place I’ve done bottomless where you can switch from mimosas to proseccos to bloody marys to belinis as often as you please. The food was also great and very fairly priced. We each ended up paying about $50 for bottomless plus breakfast.



If you want boujee…

The Ivy- There are a few locations around London and the ambiance in alignment with the steep prices make for a pretty boujee brunch. I didn’t get to go but my friends had good experiences!

Granger & Co.- This is in Notting Hill… it isn’t necessarily boujee but it definitely attracts a higher end/ classier crowd. They are famous for their ricotta hotcakes.. a must have if you come here!

Chiltern Firehouse- Another spot I didn’t get to visit but my friends loved it and made a few celebrity encounters here including Virgil… and if theres anything I’ve learned from living in the 21st century its that IF VIRGIL THINKS SOMEWHERE IS COOL THEN WE ALL THINK ITS COOL.

If you want classic/ simple…

IMG_4888 2.jpg

Bluebells Portobello- Nothing outstanding to say but it is a really cute spot at the top of Portobello Road with good food and a nice staff. I got the veggie stack and portobello pudding here… 10/10.

The Good Egg- This is actually middle eastern/ Israeli inspired brunch (maybe not too “classic” but they certainly know what they’re doing). The food and coffee was great and offered a new genre of brunch I’ve never explored!

Bad Egg- Think heavy, classic american breakfast foods and you’ll get Bad Egg. Not the healthiest option (I’ve never been but done some research online) but apparently they do a boozy brunch service too.

Dirty Bones- Again, not the healthiest, but I’ve heard Dirty Bones does a great job at creating an aesthetically gritty, industrial spot into something very cool for brunch. Sounds like it would be great with a fun group of people.


HAPPY BRUNCHIN’! If you liked this and want more London restaurant guides, check out my dinner guide and my café guide!

Xoxo, Margot 




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