Best Dinner Spots in London

Let it be known that the options for amazing dinner spots are endless in London. I pulled together a list of my favorites if you’re looking for the perfect spot to end your day (or start your night):

Breddos Tacos

Soho, Clerkenwell

This is the best taco joint I’ve ever been to. We got the beans and rice which and assorted tacos which were both amazing. Super affordable and SO delicious. It’s located on/ near Carnaby Street so there’s a ton to do in the area. Rum Kitchen is right around the corner in Kingly Court which is a great way to end the night!



This was just a few blocks from where I was staying so we frequented here! It’s a Mediterranean restaurant which has great hummus, halloumi, and falafels. It has a really nice atmosphere but you are welcomed even in sweats.

Bodega Negra


I personally never ate here but my friends loved it. Another taco spot but it’s made more social with a spin wheel– you pay 1 pound to spin it (which goes to charity!) and see what you get… on a good night it’s a round and on the other hand it’s “bad luck”. Keep trying- its for a good cause!



This is a vegetarian/ plant-based restaurant close to Notting Hill- the plates are really delicious and there’s a pretty good variety. It’s a good idea to make a reservation before unless you’re going at an off time.


Multiple Locations: Coals Drop Yard, Covent Garden, Kensington, Shoreditch, Carnaby

This is recently deemed the “best Indian spot in London” by amateur foodies (SORRY) due to the good Indian food and amazing atmosphere. In my opinion, if you want the BEST Indian food then you go to a small family owned Indian restaurant, but if you are looking for the good viiiibessss then Dishoom is worth a visit.


Multiple locations: Covent Gardens, Picadilly

If you are in the market for Italian food, go here!! It’s a bit expensive but really great because the dishes come as Italian tapas so its great for sharing and tasting a bit of everything. If you go, you NEED to get the ice cream sundae dessert (tried looking for the exact name but the dessert menu wasn’t online).



We didn’t get to eat here but it was high up on our list. Expect to eat seafood on hanging couches (if you’re lucky) with a cool ambiance inside.


Multiple locations: Fitzrovia, Borough, Soho… 

Bao is a cool spot that serves Bao buns (shocking, right?) with different fillings. Each spot has a slightly different menu so check out the menus online for a preview! I didn’t get to go but a few of my friends did and loved it.

Also, do yourself a favor and be inspired by their beautiful web design (my Information Management & Technologies minor speaking). Never seen a better designed restaurant website.


Multiple Locations: Neal’s Yard, Fitzrovia, Shoreditch, Marleybone… 

This is a fun quick and cheap spot with the option of siting in. You can get a slice of about 4 options or a whole pizza with lots of pre-set toppings to chose from.



This is a food market that’s a lot of fun for a group of friends for dinner. Everyone there is in their 20s-30s so its a really fun and young atmosphere. There are currently 9 different vendors on the first floor (don’t think you can go wrong but “White Men Can’t Jerk”, “Yum Bun”, and “Yumplings” were our group’s favorites). Once you finish your meal (you’ll be lucky if you find a seat), walk around or head upstairs and enjoy the 10 bars each with very different vibes. (The Pina Colada from “Dick’s Magic Tiki Bar” is pricey but the best I’ve ever had) (and comes in a pineapple).

Beach Blanket Babylon

Notting Hill

This is a cool spot I brought family friends who were visiting to. The inside is beautifully decorated (make sure to explore a bit) and the food and cocktails were great. Try to get a seat near the fireplace!

The Duck and Rice


This is a “British pub that serves Chinese food” but it felt much more like just a nice Chinese focused restaurant. The dishes were amazing (with creative vegan options) and the drink list was extensive (honey beer!!). This would be a great spot to go with a bigger group.



This will quickly add up if you aren’t too careful but its a fun spot for sushi/ brazillian fusion food. For amazing views of London, go to the Spitalfields location, NOT the Covent Garden location!!

Roti King

Kings Cross

This is an unbelievable hole in the wall spot for Malaysian food. Go here for an early dinner or else you’ll be waiting around an hour in line outside. Best with small groups or 2 people since seating is tight and you’ll usually be sharing a table.


Tower Bridge, Soho

This (like SushiSamba) is Brazilian-Asian fusion and is delicious- when you go, expect to share the dishes. The tapas/ family style means food will be coming out at different times on a big platter, so it gets confusing when you try to split it up. Really fun with groups!

Coppa Club

Multiple locations: Tower Bridge, St. Pauls…

This is a really special spot for dinner! Not too expensive but hard to get a table- I’d recommend booking an “igloo” 2 months in advance. You are sitting in little fairy-light filled pods with a view of the River Thames and Tower Bridge. They also have a “surfer shack” setup which I never got the chance to do. Make sure you are booking the correct location/ experience!


Multiple Locations: Shoreditch, Marlyebone

LOVED this spot!! Tapas style with incredible selections. Good for smaller groups.



  • Marlybone
    • Zanya– Indian/ Pakistani food]
    • Chiltern Firehouse
    • Roti Chai
  • Covent Garden
    • Redemption– vegan spot in Neal’s Yard
    • Dirty Bones– “quick and easy”
    • Sticks n Sushi (multiple locations)
  • Shoreditch
    • Duck and Waffle– great view of the city. If you are going for dinner make a reservation but they are open very late so fun for a “late night” eat.
    • Gloria
    • House of Vegan- market open certain days. Check online before going.
  • Kensington
    • Bone Daddies– good ramen (multiple locations)
  • Notting Hill
    • VQ– open late
    • The Electric
    • Portobello- Italian
  • Mayfair
    • Quaglinos– “was incredible, Gatsby vibes”
    • C
    • Sexyfish- more expensive but great sushi spot, fun for celebrations.
  • Soho
    • Bar Italia
    • Bar Bruno
    • Brasserie Zedel- 1920s Paris throwback
  • Southwark
    • Mercato Metropolitano– food market
    • El Pastor- Taco & Margs
    • Padela– incredible homemade pasta
  • Chelsea
    • Ritorno– Milan inspired restaurant


The options are ENDLESS and I know I’m missing so many! If you guys have any to die for restaurants in London, comment them on this post 🙂

Xoxo, Margot

4 responses to “Best Dinner Spots in London”

  1. Fiona Hurless Avatar
    Fiona Hurless

    Wagamama and Carluccios are to DIE for but I lived in London as kid so they were definitely more kid-friendly stops.


  2. Really want to try Sketch and Bob Bob Ricard next time I visit London. Maybe not for dinner necessarily but still- both places look awesome!


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  4. This is amazing! I’ve been binging all of your London blogs and vlogs and I just booked my ticket! Ive been a subscriber since >10k and it’s amazing to see you grow! Thank you for all the joy you spread and how much work you put into everything💖

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