Mine and Ours: In Your Feels

If you remember the first post of this “mini-series”, Mine and Ours, I shared my November playlist for you. Recently, I collected a number of tracks and added them to a playlist (thoughtfully titled),  “Rly Beautiful Songs :,)”.These will get you into your feeeeeellllsss. Grab your coziest blanket, make a cup of hot tea, curl up, and hit play.  And don’t be shy- shed a tear or two. I won’t tell. 


Let me share how I came about some of these songs:

IMG_0163.JPGThe Breach is the song that initially inspired this playlist. I was driving home from the beach when it came on and left me sitting in silence, sipping up all the beautiful lyrics and hidden messages. The song tells a story of love and relationships using war metaphors.

Darlin‘ sounds a little bit different than the rest of the songs on this playlist, but the melodic introduction hooked me in. I think it offers a timeless approach to love songs.

Caves has been a long time favorite of mine and was how I initially discovered Haux (you’ll find a bunch of his songs in this playlist).

La Vie En Rose might go down as my all time favorite song, so it naturally had to make an appearance on a playlist. This one felt like the right fit.

Where’s My Love is a symphony of beautiful instrumentals and vocals. Everyone should listen to this song at least once.

On Our Own is so raw and undone. The simple piano and his raspy voice makes for a heavenly combo. Also, listen for some serious life advice and insight in this one. So truly beautiful.

The rest of the songs I’ll leave up to you to discover! I recently made my Spotify public if you want to check out the other playlists which are up there.








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