Mine & Ours: December Playlist


Music is meant to be found, shared, and enjoyed. Thus, the beginning of my “Mine & Ours” blog series.

I love hunting for music (usually I use Discover Weekly or New Music Friday on Spotify or surf through Soundcloud for artists to follow and add to my feed) and creating playlists, so I thought I would aim to share a new list of songs every/ every other month with some gems. Enjoy x

  1. Cold War // Cautious Clay
  2. Sleep Talking // Charlotte Lawrence
  3. Someone Else’s Name // Jacob Ray
  4. Slipping // Quinn Lewis
  5. When Will I See You Again // Shakka- Amtrac Remix
    1. Good song, great remix. And current vibe…
  6. Attica ’71 (Acoustic) // Olivver the Kid
  7. Medicinal // Jess Gallo
    1. Vibey and cozy.
  8. Stoned on You // Jaymes Young
    1. Young has an incredible voice. Song is also just good in general.
  9. Drifter // Hippie Sabotage
    1. Completely instrumental
  10. Do You Go Up // Khai
    1. Chorus is simply stunning.
  11. California Girls (NoMBE vs Sonny Alven) // NoMBe, Sonny Alven

The playlist on my Soundcloud! I’ll be continuing to add songs throughout the month 🙂

Honorary Mentions:

(I won’t mix and match Christmas with this playlist butttttt I can’t release a December playlist and NOT include my all time favorite Christmas songs.. who do you think I am?)

  1. All I Want for Christmas is You // Mariah Carey
  2. It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year // Andy Williams
  3. White Christmas // Irving Berlin
  4. Blue Christmas // Elvis Presley
  5. Santa Baby // Eartha Kitt
  6. Little Saint Nick // The Beach Boys


XO, Margot.

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3 responses to “Mine & Ours: December Playlist”

  1. I think you would really like the song “american money (tigertown remix)” by Børns! ❤


  2. I love Christmas music!


  3. […] you remember the first post of this “mini-series”, Mine and Ours, I shared my November playlist for you. Recently, I collected a number of tracks and added them to a playlist (thoughtfully […]


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