Weekend Wrap-up: October 5-8 at Syracuse University

Weekends here are a complete whirlwind. A fun, crazy, fast, and orange whirlwind. Instead of a vlog, I compiled a few pictures to wrap up this past weekend. 


Weekends here start on Thursday nights (some people may argue the best nights). I was invited to Delta Kappa Epsilon date night and had such a good time with my date and friends that also went. Date nights/ Formals here are usually hosted by each Fraternity and Sorority once a semester (obviously can vary depending on the house). Some pictures:

I borrowed my dress from a friend,but here is a similar one:
http://bit.ly/2gb9Qh5 OR http://bit.ly/2gbkggD


Friday was more of a relaxed day. I filmed a video with my FabFitFun box (actually obsessed and probably gonna buy a membership) and went to lunch with my OG (pun intended) girls.   I frequent Original Grain a TON since I run their Instagram with my friend and its obviously just incredible food.

Similar scarf to that in the picture: http://bit.ly/2wJ4foS OR http://bit.ly/2wJMjKR
Shoes: http://bit.ly/2yhAgZ7


Big day at Cuse on October 7! Started the day off at Tri Delta’s big philanthropy, tailgated, and made it out that night.

Tri Delta’s philanthropy is for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital- an incredible cause and definitely close to my heart. Our house hosts an annual Pancake Breakfast ($5 all you can eat & eating contests) and all the money raised goes directly to St. Jude. Between fundraising, canning, and selling merch and food, our house made almost $10k for St. Jude. So incredibly proud of our house and grateful for everyone who donated and participated! Philanthropy is hands down the most important part of Greek life and its amazing to see so much support.

Sunglasses: http://bit.ly/2gbxIAZ (or similar: http://bit.ly/2gaMwjD)

Straight after Pancake was time to celebrate game day, baby! Syracuse played the Pittsburgh Panthers and WON 🙂

Game days mean Tailgates, something we take very seriously here at Cuse. I bopped around to a few different tailgates with my friends and we had ourselves a DAY.

Shirt was sent to me by Gnarwalz! She makes dope tailgate clothes for most colleges- check her out 🙂
Sunglasses: Similar- http://bit.ly/2ga6fzH


Sunday= library day. (College motto= work hard, play hard.) Don’t have any cute pics from this but *hint hint* I did film this weekend and a vlog will be going up soon. And yes, I made it to the library again which you will seeeee!


Love ya babies! For more pics and content follow my Instagram and YouTube and read my last blog post!

11 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-up: October 5-8 at Syracuse University

  1. I’m a newbie to blogs and just happened to come across this one after seeing your Instagram story. By the way this is one of the most aesthetically pleasing things I’ve ever seen, I can’t wait to see more of your posts and YouTube videos love!


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