Your Skincare Bible

Gonna have to agree with Glossier on this one- “Skincare first, beauty second.”

Perfecting your skincare routine can take years. But that’s only if you want it to. Here’s my secret: be consistent and keep it simple. Although I have always been lucky with my skin *knock on wood*, I’ve definitely struggled with discoloration, breakouts, and everything inbetween. I now present to you, your skincare bible.


Tip One: You Are What You Eat

I hate to say it, but how your skin looks really comes down to what you’re putting in your body. If you are eating trash, would your skin reflect a glowy, happy inside? (Spoiler alert: it won’t). From ages 13 to 17, I had my fair share of zits. Ugly, red, “no, I don’t have a third eye”… “or a volcano on my face”, zits. Yeah… gross.

This all stopped when I went vegan. This isn’t a “going vegan changed my life” claim, but I can confidently say that cutting dairy out of my diet completely transformed my skin.  If I’ve gotten a breakout since then, it was due to stress or hormones (don’t beat yourself up over these- it’s natural!)

Moral of this story is if your skin is acting out in a way that you can’t seem to handle, it might be worth testing out changing up your diet. Nothing radical, but don’t be afraid to step back and look at the science behind certain foods and your skin. It could make a huge difference!!

Tip Two: Cut Out Products That Aren’t Working

I’ve had my fair share of sad goodbyes with products that I thought I loved, yet they had a clear correlation with poor skin. Most of these were tanning products and although I looked darker and glowy for a day or two after I used them, when that washed away  I was left with clogged pores and blackheads.

Don’t just keep using a product because of short term “benefits” or because it was pricey. It’s not worth it since down the line you’ll have to spend more money on products to reverse the problems it caused.

Say your good riddance- its just like cutting out a toxic friend, really. Just without the drama. In the words of NSYNC,


Tip Three: Keep Skincare Simple

Humans weren’t and aren’t designed to need thirty products to keep their skin healthy. Shocker, really- I know.

I’m majoring in advertising and I’ll let you in on a little secret: you’re essentially brainwashed by companies into thinking you need their products, and most of the time, you don’t.

I’m not insisting you don’t try out different products, but I will tell you this- I’ve gotten by best results from the simplest products. I used to use Johnsons & Johnson’s baby wash as a face wash, and now I’m a huge fan of the Everyone’s Face Wash.

It’s cheaper, easier to find, and a one-to-two step process instead of a cluttered, expensive routine. 

My Skincare Routine, From Start to Finish:

FullSizeRender 14.jpg

You want my routine, and here it is. Nice and simple:


Face Makeup

I only really wear face makeup on the weekends, but if I do, this is what I use:


I’ve made my fair share of mistakes with using tanners on my face, but this is my holy grail product:

  • ECO TAN FACE TAN WATER!!!  This stuff seriously does wonders. Not only is it completely vegan, but it’s anti-aging and anti-acne. It has lasted me so long and I will without question be repurchasing. Love this ish. 

Sunday Spa Day:

Sunday’s are a good reset day, especially for your skin. After a weekend at college of not getting enough sleep, going out, and not eating well, my skin is there to show for it. These are my go-to reset products that I use only once or twice a week:

  • The Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack is my favorite mask because it doesn’t irritate my skin and provides both detoxification and hydration. The texture is nice and *pro tip* it feels AMAZING after its been sitting in the fridge for a little bit.
  • Sephora Sheet Masks are trustworthy, easy, no-mess, and make for great snapchats. Just sayin’.


So What’s it to Ya?

I know this all may seem like a lot, but a few simple changes can make a huge difference when it comes to skincare. Take a step back and re-evaluate your routine. I do this every few months and sometimes it can completely transform the way my skin is acting. Hydrate your body, protect your skin, and don’t be afraid to switch things up! Your clear skin is waiting for you at the door.



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16 responses to “Your Skincare Bible”

  1. God these tips are awesome, and I’ll definitely be trying some of the products you mentioned. Although I’m not vegan, I totally agree that eating healthy is key to having nice, healthy skin!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Been waiting for this since subscribing! Great post, you’re writing is really enjoyable to read


  3. Hi Margot, I just wanted to let you know that I’m a huge fan and absolutely love watching your YT videos! Your blog is beautiful and I enjoy all your posts! I wish you always the best and continue with amazing posts! ❤
    Love, Carlee


  4. It’s always nice to know about other people’s skin routines, I like yours very much indeed but the products you use are not available in Spain (I could buy them in Amazon I think but I prefer purchasing those kind of things in person, not online). Rn I’m in that zits age, and it’s really horrible and it seems like it’s never gonna end BUT after reading your post I’m a little more hopeful about it.

    I’ve read a bunch of time the ‘you are what you eat’ mantra but I didn’t really believe it/ I wasn’t really aware of it. Then this summer I just started having a healthy lifestyle, eating healthily and doing sport AND I am very content and proud of saying that mantra is completely true!! My face has gone better!
    Some days ago I neglected what I ate a little bit and my skin started to get blemished again but then I just realized about it and now I’m taking care with food, not eating fast food, fizzy drinks (a lot of water instead) and I feel like I’m making kinda big progress!

    Overall I like this post very very very much!

    I send you all my love and support from Spain. See ya Margoooooot😊😚


    1. Excuse me if I had any mistakes but it’s always difficult to write in a foreign language, even more when I type quickly on my laptop 😎


  5. Literally took notes from this…thank you for saving my skin hahah I’ll certainly put those tips to use!
    Love, G -https://


  6. Hey really liked this article but did you know that the micellar water you use has a cancer causing and reproductive damaging ingredient? It’s called Polyaminopropyl Biguanide, you can look it up, I used to love this stuff until I found that out! There are other really good micellar waters that don’t have it either


  7. I would love it if you could make a blogpost about the products you use to keep your hair healthy (especially if you use a flat iron). But anyways this blogpost was so helpfull! Thank you for that hehe


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  9. I love the everyone face wash. Its Amazing!!!


  10. You are absolutely right.. But this product isn’t in my country “Egypt” and Amazon don’t ship it here.. So i wish i could use these.. Btw I don’t have a skincare routine wish is too bad my skin is sooo dry… So I must have a routine for sure..
    P.S i love you sooo mush more than you can imagine ❤ i sent messages to you on Instagram.. I’m in the second year of college ” Languages and Translation french department ” and I hope to be close friends although I hope to know how could you do all these things together working, studying, etc.?
    What is your job beside YouTuber?
    How do you study?


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