Current Favorites: Spring 2023

Wake up! It’s spring! Draw the shades, dust off the sunnies, clear off the junk table. We’re hosting, running around the city, lying in the sun, and booking trips to England.

Listen along to Working Title to hear me dish about the items on this list and what I’m bringing into my life this beautiful, sunny Spring (manifesting).

Crosley Radio $49: this radio also has bluetooth so you can step back into 2023 when you want 😉
Bunny Handmade Ceramic Plate Set $85
Cheeky Cigs Mug $145
Girls on HBO
Picnic Blanket $48: need this so I can bring snacks when I stare into the sky on my back for 6 hours
Needlepoint Point Pillow $102 this would make any nighttime routine divine
Handmade Eyeball Platter $65
Nest “Ratan” Diffuser $68: I have this in my room and it smells like a dream- I love walking into my apartment with this scent
The Bath Priory: the perfect stay in Bath for a relaxing weekend. Part of the Relais & Chateaux group.
“Who Said I Can’t Cook” Ceramic Plate Set $150 : this would make an amazing gift
“I’m A Fan” by Sheena Patel $18
NY Times Subscription $5/ month
Lolita by Lolita Mug $116
Urban Sophistication Puffer Case $65
Square Toe Flats $58 the sweetest things
Ibiza Hair CX8 $60: My hairdresser just suggested I get this and I am obsessed- detangles hair in 1 second.
Organza Tote Bag $40
DIY “Turn Down” Service Mug $30: something about the double handle feels very “healing my inner child”
Ceramic Candlesticks $85
Herringbone Blanket $80
NY Mag Subscription
Adidas Sambas $110: just got these and I know I won’t be taking them off all season
Great Jones Dutch Oven $160 need for the color
Linen Lace Pillowcase $56
Fjakkraven Kanken Backpack $56-$90: Just ordered one for myself!
Chemex 3-Cup $40

3 responses to “Current Favorites: Spring 2023”

  1. Great favorites. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Andrea de MarĂ­a FernĂĄndez PĂ©rez Avatar
    Andrea de MarĂ­a FernĂĄndez PĂ©rez

    Hey Margot!!
    I started watching your yt videos back in the days of uni vlogs and I’ve been subscribed ever since. I rediscovered you a couple of weeks ago and it was so nice to enjoy different content coming from the same person five years appart!! Girl, I just want you to know that for me you’re the Carrie Bradshaw of this generation 🙂
    Big hug from Spain x


  3. […] list of Spring favorites curated by Margot […]


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