Gift Guide: Last Minute Gifts

Merry Christmas!! It’s never too late for a gift- even day of. Enjoy!!

Frame A Picture $5
Tickets To A Concert Or Show, $20+
DIY Scavenger Hunt $0
Donation In Someones Name $10+
Holiday Pajamas (Fast Shipping) $38+
Artechouse Tickets $25
Flower Subscription $55+

DIY Cheese & Wine Basket $15+
Museum Membership $50+
Fill A Mason Jar: Holiday Baking $10
DIY Painting $5+
Holiday Cookies $0
DIY Mason Jar Snow Globe $10+
Frame Childhood Artwork $5
DIY Cook Book $5+
Film Camera & Gift Card To Develop $25
DIY Spa Day $0
DIY Coffee Scrub $0
Edible Arrangements $25+
Astrology Puzzle (Fast Shipping) $18
Gift Card To A Favorite Store $10+

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