Gift Guide: For the Boyfriend/ Partner

GIFTS FOR OUR HUNNIES!! Whether or not your love language is gifts, I am sure you will find something on this guide that will make both you and your partner so happy to share and receive 🥰

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2 responses to “Gift Guide: For the Boyfriend/ Partner”

  1. Love you so much. Your gift guides have helped me pick all of my (very picky) family and friends’ gifts. I also love getting things for myself too :). I especially love the homeowner’s gift guide because you match my aesthetic so perfectly. Right now I am in college and my dorm is perfect thanks to your guides. I love everything about it and so do my friends. I dream of moving to NYC one day and I love waking up and seeing your stories on Instagram. Thank you very much for everything you do including youtube, Instagram, working title, ex. I know things can get to be too much so Thank you for always delivering. Your biggest fan 🙂 -Shiloh

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  2. This is literally perfect. I don’t know if our bfs have the same taste but these are such good ideas for his bday and Christmas. ahhh!! can’t wait for the rest of the gift guides to come.


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