Gift Guide: For The Person Who Doesn’t Want Anything (Or already has everything)

Picture this: The Holidays are around the corner and your Mom keeps persisting she doesn’t want anything, sweetheart but the problem is, you WANT to get her something. In comes this list.

Although these two groups of people (doesn’t want anything/ already has everything) might vary greatly, you have the same problem: what are you supposed to get the person who’s impossible to give things to? You’re gonna want to focus on two categories of gifts (bonus points if you hit both): special, and experiences. Below, find the Gift Guide schedule for previous and future lists, and enjoy this Wednesday’s Holiday Gift Guide ranging from $1-100.

See you this Saturday for the new apartment/ homeowner gift guide! Happy Thanksgiving. With love,

2 responses to “Gift Guide: For The Person Who Doesn’t Want Anything (Or already has everything)”

  1. I adore those bubble candles! The Emu Australia slippers look so wonderful, too.


  2. Love the idea of planting a tree 🙂 Just bought 5 for my family and boyfriend!


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