Gift Guide: For the Boyfriend

When it comes to gift-giving for the S/O, it comes down to looking for two things: unique & meaningful gifts. Here are a number of my favorites, ranging from 0-$203 from over 30 different vendors.

(My own boyfriend gave me a stamp of approval when he said: “I would genuinely fuck with any of those” He’s a very stylish guy so I took this and ran with it.)

If you want a gift guide for your best friend (or ideas for yourself!) check out this gift guide & see below for the Gift Guide schedule!

And that’s all for now folks!!!! Stop by next Wednesday for the “Person Who Doesn’t Want Anything” gift guide- it’s one of my favorites.

Happy holidays!

3 responses to “Gift Guide: For the Boyfriend”

  1. Please do a parents gift guide Margot!! I need things for my mom but have no idea what to get her!


  2. Not gonna lie, the only thing off this list that I’d actually want is the…. Oh it wasn’t here


  3. I want to buy everything in this for my boyfriend! Love all the unique ideas!!


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