Getting Back into your Health Groove


summer-s-coming-stuart-its-getting-hot-out-here-19916192Let’s get some things straight: you can care or not care about how you look. You can want to look fit or you can choose to look exactly how you do now. I am not endorsing ANY insane diets, but I know that I feel more confident wearing tiny tops and bikinis when I know I am putting effort into my health and fitness, regardless of if it makes me physically look any better to others. By investing in myself, I feel like I can present myself so much better! There is no such thing as the “perfect bikini body” because everyone has different ideals and you should be focusing on you.

That being said, there are steps I take every year after my winter hibernation hiding under oversized sweaters and sweats so I feel better about taking my shorts and tanks out from storage. These are them:

1. Get Motivated

One tip I read that I love and I’ve stuck with ever since is the advice to look at a past picture of yourself that you find motivating and NOT someone else’s picture. Aside from the fact that you are comparing yourself to someone with a completely different eating history, set of genes, and lifestyle, the internet is so toxic these days that you won’t even know if that picture has been touched up or edited before it got to your screen. Once you start focusing on yourself and what you know you are capable of achieving, nothing stands in your way. I have found this is a much healthier way to motivate yourself instead of feeling like you can’t compare.

2. Give yourself a timeline

youdoodle-110.jpgIt always helps me to set goals for myself with dates attached. Let’s get some things straight, though. These goals of mine NEVER include specific weights- our bodies fluctuate in “weight number” depending on our water intake, exercise, hormones, weather, sodium.. the list goes on. Some healthier goals I like to set are shortening my mile time, getting to the gym a certain amount of times a week or month, making meals from home more than eating out, drinking enough water daily… what are your goals?

3. Know your food

By cooking at home and making my own food, I know exactly where the food is coming from and what exactly is in it. Even when we order seemingly “healthy” foods from restaurants like salads or avocado toasts, the sauce could be dripping in unhealthy oils or the food could be drowned in salt. This DOESN’T MEAN a meal out once in a while is in check- I always love a good stress-free meal out! Just aim to have more than half of your meals made at home. For inspiration, I always love going to Pinterest or my girl Kenzie’s 21 reset guide has great recipes!

4. Follow BODY POSITIVE social accounts

It is so easy to get caught up in the world of comparisons on social media. My first tip to avoid this was discussed in #1, but it is inevitable that you’ll see bikini pics and “#bodygoals” on Instagram as you are scrolling. Pay attention to the accounts that make you feel DOWN, unfollow them, and start adding accounts to your feed that make you feel good about yourself. Spoiler alert: lots of the super-skinny girls might not live the YouDoodle 109healthiest lifestyles (no tea, no shade). Instead of comparing yourself to lives you really don’t know about, consume content that will motivate you in a healthy way. These can be health/ fitness accounts, body positive role models.

Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Arden Rose
  2. Candice Huffine
  3. Rachel Mansfield (amazing healthy food)
  4. Man Repeller
  5. Em Ford

5. Take time to unplug

It is so important to get off your phone so you actually have time to listen to what your body and mind are trying to tell you! Whether you take time to meditate every day (the app Headspace is great), pick up reading, start a journal (my personal fave), go for a run or bike ride… the options are endless. Use the “screen time” feature in iPhone’s settings to monitor yourself (I have a 2 hour time limit for social media everyday) and just put the screens away and enjoy the PRESENT.

Most importantly, challenge yourself to unplug during meals. It is so easy to mindlessly eat as we are distracted with YouTube videos, Snapchat stories, or Instagram feeds, but take the time when you are eating to really be mindful of what you are feeding yourself. ENJOY your food, don’t just shovel it in! Mealtimes should be a time of being present, not a pass-time. This is one way you can get more in touch with your health and how food is actually making you feel.

6. Get MOVIN’!

As I said above, I always feel my best when I am doing what I know is best for my health (physical and mental). By getting out of my house and doing physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day, I feel better after, I sleep better, and it gives me a great excuse to be in the great outdoors every day. If you want some inspo, you need to check out my friend Cali Fuller!!

YouDoodle 108

Just like that, you’ll be on your way to YOUR ideal summer body in no time. Make sure to fuel your body with REAL, WHOLE foods and enjoy being outside when it’s beautiful out! Leave any comments below on how you feel your best- mentally and physically. Summer isn’t a time to get stick thin, its a time to refocus yourself on your mental state and how you can use your body’s amazing functions to feel your best. HAVE FUN!!!!

Xoxo, Margot

9 thoughts on “Getting Back into your Health Groove

  1. So good! I love the realness and positivity here. Thanks for sharing you tips and where you get inspired. It really helps me! 💗😊


  2. C’est génial!
    I read you from France and I am so glad to see good and caring tips like that.
    I really love your way of thinking.
    Keep going 🙂


  3. ove this blog you’re an amazing runner. hope we can become friends and keep in touch because you seem really nice and your blog is amazing. Hope you know I’m a huge fan of your blog


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