Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Guys

Whether you are buying gifts for your brother, Dad, cousin, “guy friend”, or boyfriend… buying gifts for guys can be a little daunting. I compiled a list categorized by price to help you find the perfect gift for any man in your life. Click the product name to shop!


$25 Cards Against Humanity

Just for shits n’ gigs. Always a fun game, good for boy cousins or brothers or boyfriends if you’re looking for some fun ~activities~.

$30-35 Stussy Beanie

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 10.33.22 PM

Fun Printed Socks

You really can’t go wrong with a pair of fun printed socks. Urban has a bunch so you can find the perfect design for your person.


Don’t get me wrong- men want to be masculine, but they all have a soft spot for beauty treatments. Bible. Give a pedicure gift card to the confident man in your life.



Face Mask Peel

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 10.03.49 PMThis one is a little pricey but I’ve heard great things about it. Good for a guy who values self care and groooooming.


Charging Station

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 9.43.42 PMGood for a techy or organized guy, this is the perfect side-table accessory.

SoulCycle Gift Card

If you’ve been trying to get your man to workout with you or join you for a soul class, this gift is the perfect way to guilt them into coming along for the ride.

VV Belt

Calling all prepsters! Can’t go wrong with a Vineyard Vines belt- they also have a ton of styles so you can find a perfect match.

Cool Hoodie

Another fool-proof gift, I really like Urban’s selection for mens hoodies. And while you’re at it, buy one for yourself.. love the oversized fit and graphics.


It’s gonna take some browsing to find the perfect wallet for your giftee, but this is a gift that men will love and use every day.


Authentic Team Jersey

These are definitely on the pricier side of gifts but if there’s a guy in your life who is a die-hard fan for a team, this will be a memorable gift they can pull out at every game.

Tickets to a Game/ Concert

So like….. is now a good time to ask SeatGeek to sponsor me….

KITH Clothing

Your man will thank me.

Apple Air Pods

ABC Joggers from Lululemon

A little TMI once you know what ABC stands for, but all of my guy friends live in these and all agreed this would be a perfect gift.


Calling all sneaker heads! Urban has such a cool selection of sneakers so you will definitely be able to find a cool pair. Might just be a weird conversation trying to figure out what size to order….

GoPro Hero 7

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 10.32.18 PMPerfect for the more adventurous man, Go Pros are the perfect gift (especially if they have a fun trip coming up!)



Put together a picnic

Who doesn’t love a good picnic? After all, food is food. Put together your and his favorite dishes, throw in some wine, and go to a special spot to enjoy eachother’s company and grubbb.

Scrapbook/ Photo album

Awwww! Such a cute way to share some of your favorite memories with your man.


Ta da! Hopefully you have found the perfect gift for any guy in your life. If you want some gift ideas ideas for your mama, click here!



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