EXTREMELY Last Minute Halloween Costumes

I get it, we don’t have Kendall Jenner’s stylist or have Heidi Klum’s makeup team to figure out our Halloween costumes for us. If you’re anything like me, Halloween costumes have always been extremely last minute (and something you don’t love spending $100 on). Here are 5 Halloween costume ideas inspired by items already in your wardrobe. A few of these require minimal costume accessories, but I’m hoping for these you have some random pieces scattered in your dorm room from Halloween themed parties or in your dusty dress-up bin you haven’t reopened in 10 years. If not, I’ve linked Amazon Prime/ 2 day shipping products so you can get them just in time.

Fortune Cookie

Cute, simple, and customizable! Grab a nude slip, banner paper (or plain white sash), and write with red marker a nugget of wisdom for your fellow Halloween-party goers to wear as a sash. Bonus points if you wear a clear rain jacket for the wrapper! Here’s some inspiration for your fortune cookie quotes:Color-fortune-cookie-Step-7

  1. Only listen to the fortune cookie, disregard anyone with advice
  2. Good fortune lies ahead
  3. You will read this on Halloween
  4. You will order me food after you read this
  5. The fortune you seek is in another cookie
  6. You will buy me a drink tonight

PURCHASE: Nude slip, blank sash, clear rain jacket

Party Animal

Perfect for a last minute group Halloween costume. Dress up in your favorite sequined party dress and wear any animal mask, ears, or makeup.

PURCHASE: Sequined (& on-sale) dress, group animal accessories


I dressed up as KISS (rock band) with my friends freshman year and not only was it a huge hit at the party, but I’ve gotten so many questions about it ever since.


All you need is a band (ideally KISS) tee or black corset, fishnet tights, and black boots. As for makeup, use eyeliner or black lipstick to draw a star/ spikes around your eye and black lips.

The Holidays

Another easy and fun group costume! Pick your favorite holiday and dress according to the colors usually associated with it and sprinkle a few accessories in.

Christmas: Santa Hat, ornament earrings, red & green

New Years: Sequins, noisemakers, black & silver

Valentines Day: Hearts, lipstick kiss marks, pink & red

St Patricks Day: Rainbows, gold jewelry, green

Easter: Bunny accessories, basket, white & pastels

The Bachelorette

Last one is super easy. Grab your favorite formal dress and a bouquet of roses from your local supermarket and you’re set. Bonus points if you can somehow replicate a mic box in your dress and achieve perfectly bouncy waves.

Who’s your favorite bachelor/ bachelorette?

That’s all for now, folks!

(hmm.. Looney Toons costume, anyone?) If you want some more ideas check out my Halloweekend videos Freshman year and Sophomore year (part one and part two). I will be filming a Halloweekend Vlog this year but it will be up post-Halloween due to Syracuse’s Halloween party schedule.

Reminder to NOT GET INTO ANY CARS with anyone who you know or you think has been drinking! If you want $5 off your first uber use code cynthiad302 and $10 off Lyft when you use the code MARGOT35220

stay ~spooky~

xo, margot


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