Let Me Help You Procrastinate

From one procrastinator to the next, I’d like to share some of the gems I’ve found on YouTube this past month.

From funny to heartwarming to intriguing, I have truly enjoyed these videos and thought I would do you guys a solid and pass them on. I don’t have too much else to say- I’ll let the videos do their own talking.

1. Tyler the Creator

I’m always pleasantly surprised and content after watching Tyler’s videos (yes, I’ve seen most of the TtC compilations, and proud of it). This was one of my favorites. Not sure why, just like the back and forth between the two.

2. Claudia and Chris

I couldn’t make this list without including one of my own (AKA beauty/ fashion/ lifestyle/ and whatever else). I’m a huge fan of these two and have been for a while so it was nice to see them just hang together. It has me thinking about my person is who I hang out with and die of laughter for a few hours straight.

3. Oops I did it again

Sorry, another Chris video!! But please watch this. It’s truly just great content.

4. Vogue Tutorials

Here’s just one Vogue tutorial but THIS IS ME BEGGING YOU to watch all of their mini makeup tutorials….

5. … AND their shorts

All I wish is that all of my videos were half as psychotic and fun as Vogue’s shorts. DAMN they kill it.

6. This VICE Documentary

Yeah. I did tweet out that everyone should spend a night watching multiple VICE docs but this one was my favorites. It reminded me of something my oldest brother would do. Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 9.24.35 PM

7. The Next Best Thing Since ANTM

… is an entertaining hairdresser reacting to ANTM episodes.

8. (the only) Royal Wedding Recap (you need to see)

Queen Kalen did it again.

9. Cole Sprouse AND VOGUE?! HELLO?

I mean… you didn’t think this wouldn’t be on this list, did you?

10. Buying my Flight to Paris

I’m okay and yes, I’d like a tissue.


Anyways, I hope you enjoyed all of these. Don’t get me wrong- I’m ALL FOR putting down electronics and enjoying friends, family, the great outdoors- YOU NAME IT. But sometimes you just want to cuddle up into bed with a cup of mint tea and embrace laziness. And for that reason, I hope this post helps you to do just that, minus wasting time on clickbait or boring content. C’est la vie the way you feel like c’est-ing your vie.


XO, Margot

5 responses to “Let Me Help You Procrastinate”

  1. ahhaah the title fits me perfectly!! i lovee your blog 🙂


  2. Greetings
    look at some of your videos that you posted on this blog, one of my favorites: Tyler the Creator. Thank you for your dedication and God bless you.


  3. love these, gonna be binging these instead of doing work aha xo


  4. i love that you created this thank u sm


  5. I think I found how to spend my break at work today :)) Also, I found this awesome article and It was a pleasure to read. xoxo


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