This is (gonna be) HUGE

AYE! For all my ladies (and men) interested in fashion I’m gonna give you the low down of what I think is gonna be really big this upcoming spring/ summer season. 

I’ve compiled these things from keeping a close watch on bloggers like Aimee Song (if you know me, you know she’s my favorite) and general trends from stores like Revolve and the the big fashion weeks that have been going on recently around the world.

In this day and age, fashion is primarily influenced by social media, so I’ve been keeping a close eye on YouTube and Insta to predict what I think is coming up. Without further ado, may I present to you “this is gonna be ‘UGE!” Spring/ Summer 2018.

1. Nike Air Force 1


Revolve runs Instagram. There, I said it. I don’t think I would be mistaken if I said it’s probably 99% of all girls on Instagram’s dream to wake up to an invite to the next #RevolveAroundtheWorld trip (open to the Hamptons too, Revolve!!!). I think it’s safe to say we can turn to them to find the latest big trend because they work with some of the biggest names in the blogosphere and must have in house fashion buyers with killer senses of style.

Recently they launched their RevolvexNike collaboration (a match truly made in heaven) which convinced me to finally give in and buy my first pair of Air Force 1s. The pair I got wasn’t through this collection because it was all sold out before you could type, but I purchased my pair on Dote!

These are the exact shoes I got, and here are the classics. I promise they are the MOST COMFORTABLE sneakers, timeless (yet gonna be really big this season), and so easy to slip on. What more could you ask for in a sneaker, honestly?!

I’m thinking of doing a lookbook with these when it gets a little warmer because the outfit possibilities are endless. Love these new babies!!

2. Doc Martens


I know these have had their time in the spotlight but I truly think they’re gonna make a killer comeback this year. Although boots are traditionally a winter thing, I think there’s no cooler look than a feminine dress with an unexpected chunky black boot. And speaking frankly, I don’t think theres a more classic look than Doc Martens.

Trust me, I spent [an embarrassingly long amount of] time looking for chunky black boots because maybe there’s something better than Docs? I’ll save you time and tell you I didn’t find anything that compared.

In terms of social media, I’ve started to follow some European bloggers and they all rock Docs- what convinced me to finally bite the bullet and buy myself a pair. In my opinion, the chunkier the better, so this was the style I got. If you want a more classic style, these are your best bet (vegan versions HERE!!).

3. Statement Earrings

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some fun earrings to come into my life. The earring has been somewhat overlooked in the past few years in fashion and I think it’s time for them to make a comeback.

Picture this: a simple staple outfit made of a white shirt, denim shorts, black boots, and killer statement earrings. Jaw drop. So simple yet sophisticated. Although I haven’t seen any stores really pushing out statement earrings, I think they’re slowly making their way to the forefront thanks to the recent hoop fad.

These are some of my favorites (links below):


  1. Hoops
  2. Blue and Pink
  3. Tropical
  4. Statement Gold (LOVE these- they would look like sculptures on your ear)




Didn’t see this one coming from me, did ya? I reeealllyyy want to push myself to start wearing color (am I pushing my personal agendas onto this post? Maybe I am, maybe I’m not).

Fashion Week go-ers definitely sported some incredible hues this season (on and off the runway) and I’m all here for it. A little collage-o of some of my favorite looks above!


5. Wicker Bags


Admittedly, this is definitely more summer-oriented than spring. But can’t blame a girl for wanting to be prepared! As Australia has been enjoying their summer, I have been noticing that a huge trend on that side of the world has been sporting wicker or net bags to the beach- its the perfect casual, classic, and practical accessory, not to mention it photographs very well.

  1. White net bag
  2. Classic Wicker Purse
  3. Black Wicker Bag

There we go!

My predictions have been made and I can officially say “I told ya so!” in a few months. Enjoy fashion in these upcoming seasons, it’s finally time to shed your bulky jackets and show whatcha got underneath, baby!!

Send me Insta DMs/ tweets of you in these trends- I’d love to see you guys rocking it!

Until next time! Xx Margot


Read my last blog post to find yourself some deals to snag some of these goodies above or watch my latest YouTube video


5 responses to “This is (gonna be) HUGE”

  1. These things have been huge in Europe for years hahaha. Always loving your blog posts, I even am slowly becoming a dairy free person (baby steps)!
    Can’t whait for your next post

    (Ig: @Dan.que)


  2. I love this post sm! Please can you do another one for autumn/winter and then maybe it can become a seasonally thing? I love your youtube,instgram and blog so much! xxx
    Evelyn xx


  3. i keep thinking back to this post and how right you were about the Nike Air Forces! They are literally the number 1 shoe right now and you predicted that a year ago! Would love to see another post like this for 2019!!


    1. 😎 Thank you, thank you. I would definitely be down to do a 2019 version!! Xoxo


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