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I know this entry will seem ironic- but hear me out.

My entire teenage years I’ve been in front of one screen or another. I was late to get an iPhone compared to the rest of my grade but even before that I bought myself my own MacBook Pro the summer entering high school. Since then, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t spend my free time sitting in front of one of my devices (which now includes an iPad mini- still can’t figure out why I bought that…), watching videos or scrolling endlessly on Facebook or Instagram.

Believe it or not, I started to realize the trap I was caught in on social media only when I started brainstorming college essays. What set me apart? Was I more motivated than those around me? What did I see myself doing in 10 years? I couldn’t help but recognize that I was a creator. I created my own brand on YouTube and Instagram under the name “Margot Lee” and started endless other projects, including a successful self designed backyard summer camp I ran with my cousins for 10 years. But as I was typing my essays, I couldn’t help but realize that I spent more time wasted living through other people’s edited posts or long videos that it was taking away from my own time creating and experiencing my own stories. It was only then that I realized that while I was focused on my endless Instagram feed, it was feeding me nothing.

So why am I still on social media, and starting up another platform? I honestly believe that through the negative aspects of social media, it can do a lot of good. I have found countless accounts and blogs that inspired me to live rather than waste my time. Dozens of accounts have pushed me to learn more about the person I want to become rather than keep me envious of other people’s lives.

This is what inspired me to create margotlee.com. I want this to be a space where my readers can grow to learn their own way of life and take the lessons off the screen and into their life. Think of this website as a home base. I want you to come here for thoughts, let me know yours, and apply them to your own life and go out and live. This isn’t a trap, it’s a starting point. From here you need to make your own story.

18 thoughts on “Home Base

  1. Thank you for this website! Its already helpful! Could you talk about your typical grocery store list because I know you super healthy but the food you make/eat also looks incredibly delicious! Love you ❤


  2. Hi Margot! I’m from Sydney Australia, I’m currently in my senior year in high school and I can completely identify with what you’re saying. I’m starting to realise the influence of social media in my everyday life especially how it shapes the behaviours and conversations in my friendship circles. I sometimes get lost in what other people are doing on say YouTube or Instagram and I forget that essentially they are ordinary humans. Like them we all have the same power to create our own brands and start something unique and creative. Just as you did. I’ve been watching your YouTube videos since last year and I’m inspired. So thankyou! It’s comforting knowing that there is someone on the other side of the world who is experiencing similar challenges and tackling some real issues that us millenials are faced with. 🙂 Can’t wait for the next blog posts! -Chloe 17, Sydney Australia

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  3. Love your website! I can really tell you put a lot of hardwork into it.
    I was wondering If you could maybe post something regarding your most recent favorites of this month. And I was also wondering what straightener you use, your hair looks so healthy!!


  4. Wow Margot! Can I just say that I’m so excited for this new chapter of the Margot Lee brand! You’ve been my #1 favorite YouTuber for years now and I still can’t get enough! I think we have a lot in common, and I wish we could be real friends but for now I’ll just stay updated on your life lol. Reading your Generation Why post, you’re so open to the world and are so self aware, I think that’s why I like you 🙂 believe it or not, I now have your website bookmarked on my home page! Can’t wait to read more! Love, Abbey Windover (@abbey.windy on Instagram)


  5. Hi Margot! I’m from northern Virginia and your videos have helped me so much navigate highschool as well as everyday life. I’m sure your blog will be amazing and I wanted you to know your like the big sister I never had<3! So excited to see where your path takes you and to support you all the way!

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  6. “It was only then that I realized that while I was focused on my endless Instagram feed, it is feeding me nothing.” Amazing! You are motivation to me to continue on with my Youtube journey and to never give up. I wish nothing but success and blessing to you and your brand!

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  7. I think that you’re totally right about social media. That’s what everyone is growing up with now a days, I think most of the time it’s a complete love-hate relationship, taking creativity creating people who copy, whilst also giving inspiration and bringing people who know who to do something original and be themselves. Good luck with your website, and I look forward to seeing more in the future. ps. I love your YouTube channel!


  8. This is the truest and most beautifully written blog post I’ve ever read. I absolutely love it and I am beyond excited for your upcoming posts. Congrats! And keep doing what you like because you are doing great


  9. I’ve waited for this endlessly! Your mellow vibes and down to earth character has created such a great mix of raw entertainment and knowledge which have allowed girls like me to enjoy the content you work hard to produce. You are such an inspiration to me Margot and I’m so so glad that you have created this even more personal platform to share your thoughts, feelings, and opinions; to motivate and inform all who view your work! You are such an angel, and the internet is extremely lucky to have someone as educated and sweet as you. Keep up the fantastic work!

    xoxo, Samantha


  10. When I thought I couldn’t get more in love with you !
    Keep on the good work, I love up to you, you re beautiful outside and out !
    Anne (🇫🇷)


  11. Hi margot! Can you make an advice for people who will move to new schools, how to make friends and how to be motivated to study and be productive? Also on how to adjust with the new enviroment that we’re in


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