Shifts in Media 

For a “Trendspotting in Media” course in the S.I Newhouse School of Public Education taught by Sean Branagan, our final project was to find an industry being disrupted by the change in media and post an article on Medium about the disruption. I researched the wellness industry and found that the use of media is changing the way people look at their health. 

Find the article, Why Media Conglomerates Should Be Dusting off Their Medicine Cabinets” here.

Dec 17, 2019. 

Front End Web Development 

For the final project in an iSchool Front End Web Development course, I was tasked with designing a website from start (wireframing) to finish by utilizing HTML and CSS (which was responsive and included bootstrap).  

Find the website here (via Github). 

Dec 15, 2019. 

Fall 2019 Annual YouTube Pop Up Class

In partnership with Professor Corey Takahashi, I hosted and taught a 1.5 hour class in Newhouse titled, “The Weird World of Influencing (and How to Get Into It)”. Topics included: data and analytics, branding strategy, finding a niche, and the back end of brand deals. There was a total of approximately 100 undergraduate and graduate students in attendance. 

2019 IT Girls Overnight Retreat Syracuse University

I was invited to be the keynote speaker for Syracuse University’s iSchool IT Girls weekend. You can view the weekend wrap-up here or full speech here. 

Social Media Penetration Analysis


The final assignment for my Advertising Research and Planning class was to pick a company and follow their social media usage over the course of a month. I chose the young women’s fashion company Nasty Gal. I conducted extensive research through observation, secondary, and syndicated data, analyzed it, and compiled an 11-page report summarizing my findings and recommendations.

Nasty Gal SM Analysis

October 2018.  

Original Grain

I have managed the social media for a downtown Syracuse restaurant, Original Grain, since October 2016 with a Syracuse University classmate. We completely transformed their internet presence and marketing strategy, solidifying their brand locally. Our social media and conventional marketing strategies continue to grow Original Grain’s business and forge their brand in the community. 

September 2016- Present. 

XO Taco

Encouraged by the success of Original Grain, the founders created a new casual dining concept restaurant called XO Taco in Syracuse downtown. My teammate and I were asked to manage the social media marketing for this new business based on our strong results with the Original Grain account. Within the first three months of the restaurant opening, the Instagram account boasted 4,000 followers, a very high number for a start-up restaurant in Upstate New York. 

October 2019- Present. 

Sorority Public Relations 

As Director of Public Relations for the Omicron Chapter of Delta Delta Delta, I am responsible for monitoring all members’ posts on social media and curating an Instagram feed showcasing my sorority sister’s accomplishments, philanthropy, and other noteworthy activities. This job has allowed me to hone the skill of distilling copious amounts of media from hundreds of members to curate a streamlined feed which showcases the girls’ different lifestyles and personalities and promotes the house’s values. 

In addition to social media, I have helped to film and edit recruitment videos for the past three years. These are shown to thousands of girls during recruitment to highlight Tri Delta’s values and ethics. These videos also offer prospective new members a peak into the lives and achievements of some of our diverse group of active members. 

September 2018- September 2019. 


6 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. Hello,

    I just wanted to say thank you.

    Around 5 months ago I found your blog, and it inspired me to make my own blog.

    Even my first post was the same topic as one of your blog posts.

    Now my blog has been becoming very successful!

    I just want to say, thank you for inspiring me to start my own blog.


    Ps. Please check out the blog that you inspired me to make (:

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  2. Hi, I follow you for many years now and I think your content help a lot of people. I grew up in a very “open” family. We discuss about many subjects and we love to learn and share what we have learn. I felt really close to your positivity and lifestyle.
    When you post your video about the law of attraction I wanted to thank you to share this with thousands of people. Growing up I was aware of many stuff like this and nobody understood or even try to, so obviously I stayed with my family. So I think that is amazing to have the opportunity to help others.
    I saw your last post about educational podcasts and then i went on Netflix to try to find something to watch (like a documentary) and then I saw a documentary called “Heal” and I think you should see it. It is so interesting and fascinating.
    I fell very grateful that I can keep following you.
    Thank you for what you do.

    Lila (from France)

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  3. Can you write a little on your experience as an advertising major, internships, favorite classes, and potential future career? I’m an ad major with a business minor, and I think it would be helpful to hear about your experience. xoxo

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