Media Exposure

National Public Radio

Using Social Media, Students Aspire To Become ‘Influencers’

Featured in: “Syracuse University Professor Corey Takahashi offers his commentary on the challenge of teaching students who, instead of wanting to be writers or filmmakers, aspire to be online “influencers.”

Aired on 1/7/2016

Citrus TV- Juice and Java

Margot Lee Visits Juice and Java

Anchors Mia Rossi and Rebecca Thornburg interview social media influencer and SU student, Margot Lee.

Aired on October 21, 2017

The Daily Orange

You’ve Probably Seen this Freshman on YouTube

Article by Chloe Greenwald about Margot’s experience as a YouTuber- how she started and where she see’s herself in the future.

Published January 31, 2017


Jerk Magazine

Behind the Screens

Margot appears on page 30 about her experience on YouTube and video topics she is passionate about.

Published February 26, 2017.