Gift Guide: For The New Home/Apartment Owner

There’s nothing more exciting than a blank slate, and your giftee will be thrilled to get to start to fill their new space with homewear thoughtfully picked for them. Below, find the Gift Guide schedule and keep scrolling to find perfect items ranging from $6-170 (& scroll down for more neutral items).

Whether you’re gifting to a friend, parent, or yourself, your space will be absolutely gorgeous with any of these pieces! Happy Holidays,

5 responses to “Gift Guide: For The New Home/Apartment Owner”

  1. Love your gift guides! So many good ideas!


  2. I love the black marble mug and ceramic body vases! Your gift guides are so wonderful.


  3. Gift guide queen.. no one compares!!!


    1. I love this blog ! Will be stalking everything !!


    2. I love this blog ! Will be stalking everything !!


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