Whats in my travel toiletry bag?  

OOH BABY! If you’re reading this, you probably have a trip coming up (and in that case, is there extra room in your suitcase I could squeeze into?) or just dreaming of one. Either way, I’m gonna be sharing with you some of my travel essentials that I make sure to pack in my toiletry bag when going on vacation.

1. Glossier Solution

Packing tons of face washes, toners, and makeup removers can be annoying when traveling, especially if you’re trying to just use a carry-on bag if flying. Semi-recently, Glossier announced a new product, Solution– a gentle liquid exfoliant. Although it’s designed as the latter, I use it for all my skincare on-the-go/ all-in-one needs.

2. Lotion

Although previously acknowledged that skincare (or any liquids, of that sort) are a b*tch and a half to travel with (“Are there any plastic baggies laying around I can use??”), you simply can’t forego lotion. Whether going somewhere warm or cold (or even overnight) it is so important to hydrate which includes letting your skin soak up some good lotion. I use something really basic and I love it- CeraVe.

3. Clio palmperfect Bikini Trimmer

Love this little thing!! It’s truly perfect for warmer vacations where you may be planning on wearing bikinis or more revealing clothes. I talked about it in my Big Sis Advice (Hair Removal) blog post in more detail, but I love how close the shave is and how easy it is to travel with. (Another reason to love it: you can use it in and out of the shower for a close shave!)

4. Tanner

I’m the first to admit half the time my tan is fake. Or maybe even more than half the time… It takes a real mission for me to get tan so I usually opt for a sunless alternative, especially right before I go to a warmer place so I won’t have to blind people when I throw on shorts. My favorite is Loving Tan- more about my favorite product in this post (with a code!)

5. Toothbrush/ Toothpaste

Durr next?

6. Q-Tips

Have I told you how much I appreciate Q-Tips? Seriously. Kudos to whoever invented them. If you havent used them to refine your makeup or take it off in hard to get or small places (I use it right under my lower eye lashes) ya gotta get on it. 

7. Sunscreen

Ahh!! Back to skincare. Just pack sunscreen (and wear it) because you certainly don’t want wrinkles or skin cancer and yes, you will still get a tan. I recently got the Glossier Invisible Shield and I love it since it is so lightweight with no cast and so easy to wear with makeup.

8. A hair brush

Only including this one because on my recent trip to London we all somehow forgot to bring one so uhh… here’s your reminder.

9.A cute toiletry bag.

Last but not least! It’s more fun to travel in style, anyways. I found mine on Etsy here.

10. Glossier You

I love this perfume and it’s really easy to travel with! 
Ta-da!! More things always make it into my bag but these are the things I triple check for before sitting on my bag and zipping up my suitcase. Let me know where you have plans to travel to next!!

XO, Margot.


Clio has sponsored this post and has provided product samples for my content.

5 responses to “Whats in my travel toiletry bag?  ”

  1. Can you make a post about how to pack efficiently, I always overpack and end up wearing the same boring outfits but I just don’t know how to plan them well for the trip.


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  3. OMG I’m in love with this blog. I love you so much margot, forever my favorite ❤️❤️❤️❤️


  4. which deodorant is this??


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